SwingPerfect™ Divot Training Mat

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Master golf with this training aid that provides instant visual feedback.

⛳ Improve golf techniques
🏠 Practice anywhere - home or outdoors
Extremely durable - lasts over 4000 swings.

Important: Stop wasting money on range balls without knowing what you're doing wrong.


Take a few swings every day in the comfort of your own home to perfect your divot and create muscle memory for the perfect swing.

Hear why golfers love the divot mat!⛳

Improved swings!

"I've tried numerous training aids over the years, but nothing compares to the SwingPerfect. The visual feedback is straightforward and intuitive. Even after playing golf for over a decade, this mat has shown me areas I can still improve!"

- Jake R.

Super convenient

"Rain or shine, the SwingPerfect has become my go-to for practice. I love that I can use it indoors and outdoors. It's durable, and the feedback system has genuinely made a difference in understanding and refining my swing. Highly recommend!"

- Lindsey D.

Great for Beginners

"I bought the board with a bunch of replacement mats while scrolling social media. It was an impulse buy but it was the best decision ever. Being new to golf, I was struggling with my swing, but this mat's instant feedback helped me refine my techniques. Now I feel more confident every time I step onto the course!"

- Samantha J.


 Get immediate feedback on your swings so you can identify areas for improvement.

Learn everything about your swing by having a quick visual of your divot.


 Set up indoors or outdoors within seconds.

 Practice your swings anywhere.