ProScope™ Smart Ear Cleaner

$39.99 $80

Remove More Wax With The Same Tool Doctors Use

Get Cleaner Ears Instantly - Feel The Benefits After Just One Use
Trusted By Professionals - Use The Doctor's Secret Tool For Ear Health
Designed For Ear Cleaning - Undo The Damage Of Cotton Buds
Buy Once, Use Forever - Professional Results At A Fraction Of The Cost

    Get Cleaner Ears Instantly 

    ProScope™ comes with a built-in HD camera that wirelessly streams a full view of your ear canals on your iPhone or Android device.

    This means you can scoop out more wax & do less damage. It's that simple.

    Cotton Buds Don't Work

    Our ears are delicate and sensitive. Cotton swabs are dangerous, ineffective, and outdated. They clog our ears, causing hearing loss, and increase the likeliness of ear infections. It's time to switch over to a solution that's safer and more effective.

    Introducing ProScope™

    Full visibility, safe and effective for all ear sizes. ProScope™  is the solution to all your ear cleaning needs. ProScope™ HD Camera wirelessly streams a full view of your ear to your phone as you safely and effectively remove ear wax with the silicone scoop. Get a clear look inside without guessing. The last ear cleaner you'll ever need.

    Buy Once, Use Forever

    Do you clean your ears once a week or once a day? The majority of people will land somewhere in-between, cleaning their ears a few times per week - 100's of times per year and 1000's of times in their lifetime. It's time to start doing it safely & effectively.

    We believe you should get value for your money which is why ProScope™ comes with reusable & replaceable silicone ear tips meaning once purchased, you'll never need to buy another ProScope™ again! Now that is value for money.


    At The Omnicks, we are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. We stand behind the ProScope™ and offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

    Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that may arise during normal use of the ProScope™. If you experience any issues with the ProScope™ during the warranty period, please contact us for assistance.