Bliss - Anxiety Relief Otter

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Bliss mimics comforting sleeping movements and sounds to relieve sleep anxiety & soothe you to peaceful slumber.

  • relieve sleep anxiety
  • soothes you to sleep in seconds
  • achieve healthier sleep

eliminate restless nights & relieve sleep anxiety

Stress & anxiety trigger our bodies to release hormones that help us react quickly to protect ourselves from harm. High levels of these hormones make it hard for our bodies to relax and fall asleep which causes us to lose sleep & panic.

With Bliss's recreated breathing, heartbeat, and sleeping sounds, it mimics the calming, comforting feeling of cuddling to relax your body and slow down your breathing. The relaxation it provides eases anxiety and soothes you to sleep like a baby.

*Recommended and approved by renowned psychiatrists worldwide

fall asleep in seconds

Prolonged unsuccessful efforts of trying to sleep derive from a tense body & unclear mind, making you panic & stress. Bliss puts an end to the struggle of falling asleep with its lulling breathing and 10+ different serene sleeping sounds that relax your tense, anxious body and mind to sleep in an instant.

*Recreates the comforting feeling of a cuddle buddy to soothe you to sleep

promote healthier & deeper sleep

Going to sleep with an eased body, heart, and mind helps your body reach a state of deep, nourishing sleep. By providing the comfort and sense of security of a cuddle buddy, our anxiety relief otter lowers your heartbeat and slows your breathing to help you achieve a more replenishing night of sleep.

*Guaranteed to help you achieve deeper, healthier, & more consistent sleep

designed & recommended by medical professionals

After years of constant improvement and spending over $85,000 on prototypes, Bliss has been thoroughly tested and is now recommended by expert psychiatrists and sleep doctors worldwide.

frequently asked questions

What features does Bliss come with? - Bliss is filled with endless features that guarantee better sleep. Some examples are:

- Womb & ultrasound breathing

- Heartbeat sounds

- 10+ sleeping sounds

- Gentle nightlight

- Relaxing vibration

Through Bliss's supportive features, you will lower your heart rate which will lead to deeper & healthier sleep.

Are the breathing movements and sleeping sounds customizable? - Yes! Bliss comes with different soothing sleeping sounds & adjustable sleeping movements.

Is there a warranty? - Of course! We add our 30-day money-back guarantee on all our orders to ensure that our customers feel safe & risk-free when shopping with us.

How can I wash the otter? - We made the electronic parts for our anxiety relief otter easily removable so that you can wash and clean them with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Emma C.
Happy Customer

I got this for my husband who has trouble sleeping, and he loves it! The otter is incredibly soft, and the sound machine helps her relax and drift off to sleep. It's brought a sense of calmness to our bedtime routine.

Hannah B.
So Cute

This otter is simply adorable. The design is so cute, and the functionality is impressive. It's become a beloved part of our family, providing comfort and relaxation to everyone who cuddles with it.

Tanya L.

This otter is amazing! The softness, the soothing sounds, and the gentle light all work together to create a calming atmosphere. It's worth every penny!

Avery C.
It's truly a lifesaver

I suffer from insomnia, and this otter has been a game-changer for me. The soothing sounds and the gentle breathing motion help me relax and fall asleep faster. It's truly a lifesaver.

Sophia G.
Worth Every Penny

Would recommend it for any age. I'm 37 myself and I absolutely love it. Helps with my panic attacks, it's super cute & comforting, I carry it everywhere with me!