PureBlend™ Mushroom Air Cushion CC Cream

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Wanna get a photo-ready foundation look at any age? 

Our CC Cream gives you a FLAWLESS, NON-CAKEY makeup and concealing experience!

How does our CC cream works - This CC cream is a skincare-makeup hybrid: It works as a makeup foundation to conceal flaws including wrinkles, flecks, acne, large pores, acne scars & dark spots. 

Unlike traditional BB cream, CC cream also contains skincare ingredients for intense hydration and to balance sebum levels, reducing acne, dry patches, and skin irritation, and preventing acne breakout.

No more cakey & stuffy makeup! The innovative mushroom head sponge makeup brush is designed with unique cutting & holes. Minimum water retention avoids excessive amounts of CC cream appliedGreat for blending, cleaning up smudges, and smoothly even out CC cream.


Why does it suit any skin tone? How to choose my color? - CC stands for "Color Correction". Auto color correction instantly reduces redness & correct discolorations based on your own skin tone. "Natural" matches and blends into your skin tone; "Brighten" is 1 level brighter than your own after blending.


Tap-on Buildable Coverage - Tap to form a sheer, medium, or even full coverage to conceal flaws including wrinkles, flecks, acne, large pores, and acne scars.

undefinedUnique Makeup Brush - Applies mushroom head sponge design with unique cutting & holes. Minimum water retention ensures to hold the perfect amount of CC cream. Great for blending and non-cakey, cleaning up smudges, and smoothly even out CC cream. 

For All Skin Tones - CC cream stands for "Color Correction" cream, which instantly reduces redness & correct uneven skin tone. Auto color correction is based on your own skin tone.  

This CC cream is suitable for all skin types - Ideal for oily, dry, combination, acne, sensitive skin, or even red skin. Wraps upon the skin for a naturally smooth, silky finish. No more cakey & stuffy makeup!


  • If your skin tone is fair to olivepick the color "BRIGHTEN"
  • If your skin tone is light brown to black brown, pick the color "NATURAL".

Excellent Oil Controlling - No clogging of skin pores, preventing acne breakouts.

Acts as Skincare - Rejuvenating formula that retains skin elasticity and moisture.undefined Long-Lasting, Waterproof & Sweatproof - Stays a long time and keeps soft coverage without a greasy feeling.
undefinedFor All Skin Types - Ideal for oily, dry, combination, acne, sensitive skin, or even red skin.



    1. Use the makeup brush and press it into a cushion.
    2. Tap the applicator onto the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.
    3. Blend all over using gentle downward strokes in a tapping motion.


    Net Content: 20g
    Shelf Life: 3 years
    Skin Type: For all skin types
    Color: Natural, Brighten



      • Air Cushion CC Cream
      • Mushroom Head Makeup Brush


      At The Omnicks, we are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. We stand behind the PureBlend™ and offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

      Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that may arise during normal use of the PureBlend™. If you experience any issues with the PureBlend™ during the warranty period, please contact us for assistance.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 31 reviews
      Julie L.

      I used the natural cc cream and used my sponge and fingers and it feels and looks wonderful. The sponge that it comes with is great as well if you want to use that. I wanted something underneath my eyes and around my nose and it does just that. As we age I have to find products that fit me, this one does the job

      Roxanne S.
      Covers better than almost anything

      Covers better than almost anything I've had in awhile. This brand I don’t need a cover stick. This product gives you an even tone. I was using a powder makeup, but it shows my wrinkles more. I’m 65 and I feel this somewhat hides my age. Lasting all day wear too!! I went with the natural ladies

      Olivia B.
      THE BEST CC cream

      THE BEST CC cream I’ve EVER tried. Good coverage & super lightweight. Would recommend this to anyone! Feels like I’m not wearing makeup and easy to apply. Plus you get a cool brush with it for free

      Melina C.
      Replaced my 60$ IT cream!

      Replaced my 60$ IT cream! Believe it or not, I've been using this product for TWO years. ( I do use it daily, but only on my cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, and upper lip where there's redness or acne). The coverage is good and my skin type matches well. The Brighten color is also perfect for my fair-colored skin, I set it with powder also

      Molly H.

      THIS IS A GAME CHANGING PRODUCT. Sometimes with my work gig, it requires no visible tattoo, and as you can see it is on my neck. But look at the RESULT?? Come on, this is a really nice product and I am loving it. I can use it to hide my tattoo and guess what, it looks natural. I use it on my face too, as my everyday base make up which is flawless. I am going to use this product for the rest of my life and might pass it to my children. 😍😍😍