Coffee Break

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This statue is the epitome of 'Oops, I spilled my coffee!' Perfect for those who love to turn their mess into art. Place it on your desk or in the kitchen to remind you of your morning carelessness.

  • This statue is the perfect way to turn your clumsy behavior into a work of art - without the unpleasant stains and cleaning products!
  • A perfect gift for all your clumsy friends - they will love to see their waste turned into art!
  • For all the coffee lovers out there who like to add a bit of humor to their lives, this statue is an absolute must-have!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Envy of My Friends

Ever since I got the CoffeeBreak statue, my friends have been envious! They keep asking where I found such a unique and visually appealing piece. It's become a talking point whenever I have guests over. I highly recommend it!

Fascinating Centerpiece

The CoffeeBreak statue takes pride of place on my dining table, acting as a fascinating centerpiece during gatherings. Its thought-provoking design often sparks interesting conversations among my guests. It's a true conversation piece!

Ethan Y.
Artistic Expression at its Finest

The CoffeeBreak statue is a masterpiece that beautifully captures the essence of taking a break and enjoying a cup of coffee. Its fluid form and graceful posture evoke a sense of tranquility and contemplation. It's a true work of art.

Olivia A.
Intricate Details

The CoffeeBreak statue is a true testament to the artist's skill. The intricate details, from the texture of the coffee cup to the fine lines on the figure's face, are simply remarkable. It showcases the dedication and talent behind its creation.

David K.
Great Addition to my Office

The CoffeeBreak statue now sits proudly on my office desk, adding a touch of elegance to my workspace. It's a reminder to take a moment to relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life. It's a great stress-reliever during hectic workdays.