MeleLinks™ Flat Golf Balls

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Master Your Game with Flat Golf Balls!

Elevate your golf game with Flat Golf Balls. Designed as a swing trainer, these lightweight and durable training balls are perfect for beginners and experienced golfers alike. Practice your swing with confidence, whether you're at the driving range, in your backyard, or even in the living room. With Flat Golf Balls, you can refine your technique, increase your accuracy, and boost your overall golf performance.

✔ Swing Trainer

✔ Lightweight and Durable

✔ Perfect for Beginners

Improve Swing Mechanics

These Flat Golf Balls enable you to focus on the fundamentals of your swing, helping you develop a consistent and efficient motion.

Enhanced Feedback

The flat design of these training balls provides instant feedback on your strike, allowing you to make immediate adjustments and improve your ball-striking skills. 

Versatile Training

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, these Flat Golf Balls are a valuable training tool for honing your skills and improving your overall game.

Convenient and Portable

Compact and lightweight, these training balls can be easily carried in your golf bag, enabling you to practice wherever and whenever you want.

Durable Construction

Made to withstand countless swings, these training balls are built to last, ensuring you get the most out of your practice sessions.

Product Specs

  • Material: Durable synthetic material
  • Weight: Lightweight design for optimal swing training
  • Package Includes 6PCS
  • Dimensions: 0.7 cm tall