Foodie Blanket

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Introducing Foodie Blanket

Have you ever wanted to be a Giant Foodie? Well, now you can. Simply roll yourself up and become the food that you've always wanted to be!

Realistic Appearance

We have created ourĀ Foodie BlanketĀ using the latest digital printing technology so its entire design looksĀ realistic,Ā vivid, andĀ authenticĀ to the actual food. Your pets won't even notice that it is fake! They will come and check it out with their sensitive noses.

Premium Quality

OurĀ Foodie BlanketĀ is crafted from premium quality flannel material, which is non-toxic andĀ skin-friendly, soft and lightweight,Ā breathableĀ and warm, well-sewn andĀ durable, wrinkle-free, andĀ easy to wash.

Multi-Functional Applications

Can be used as aĀ couch,Ā travel,Ā camping,Ā picnic, orĀ bed blanket. Also suitable for pets as it can withstand chewing and biting.

Suitable For Home Decorations

Use it as a curtain, tablecloth, bedspread, or tapestry, andĀ make your neighbors and friends jealousĀ about it!

The Coolest Novelty Gift

TheĀ perfect giftĀ for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Wrap it up now for your boyfriend, girlfriend, co-workers, and friends. AlsoĀ great for food loversĀ and the impossible gifters!

Care Suggestion

Machine wash separately on a gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low if needed.Ā Never worryĀ about color fading and shrinkage again!


Please Note: All measurements are based on the diameter of the blanket.

  • Small: 100cm / 39 ā€³
  • Medium: 120cm / 47 ā€³
  • Large: 150cm / 59 ā€³
  • Extra Large: 180cm / 70 ā€³
  • Mega Size: 200cm / 78 ā€³

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Wendy S.
Great Big Tortilla

The tortilla blanket is very soft and cozy. The tortilla blanket was cooked perfectly and has even toasted markings. No odd burnt looking marking. Itā€™s absolutely beautiful! The tortilla was wrapped and cared for during shipping. Received tortilla blanket earlier than expected. Would absolutely buy again!!

Christine L.
Super cute and soft

This was a Christmas gift for a kid who loves pizza, and it has gotten a lot of use in the last month. We've washed it and dried it, and I haven't noticed any fuzzies in the laundry or around the house, even though it's been dragged through every room. It's super cute. The Mega Size version is plenty big for my 10-year-old.

Paula S.
Hot Tortilla šŸ‘šŸ¼šŸ‘šŸ¼šŸ‘šŸ¼

It was a gift and he liked it! Great for a Texas Tech fan, in my opinion. It is soft and arrived with no problems.

Tara S.
Beat Blanket

We love our Pizza Blankets, even our dog loves the warmth and softness of it. Not sure why I waited so long to order.

Brittany F.
Just buy it

Good quality. Good price for what you get. Looks realistic. Perfect gift for anyone. Iā€™ve bought the pizza one as well, complete hit! Just put it in the cart if you are hesitant