FreshAir™ Ashtray

$29.99 $60

Enhance Your Smoking Experience

Our innovative ashtray is designed to make your smoking experience better than ever. Say goodbye to smoke odors and second-hand

Eliminates Smoke Odor  - With our ashtray, there will be no more stinky smoke in the air or on your clothes.

Prevents Second-Hand Smoke - Our ashtray is like a shield that keeps your family safe from harmful smoke. It purifies the air, making it safe for indoor use.

Easy to Clean - Our ashtray turns cleaning after smoking into a quick task. It's the smart choice for saving time.

Durable and Stylish Design - Our ashtray is strong, looks awesome, and makes bad smells disappear fast

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use - No matter where you smoke, it makes the smell disappear

How it works

Our ashtray quietly sucks in smoke and works its magic to filter it away, leaving you with clean, fresh air.

Good for the air quality and your eyes!

Our cool ashtray not only looks good but also cleans the air, so you can breathe better and keep your eyes happy!

Going outside to smoke? - Not anymore!

Forget going outside to smoke! Now you can enjoy smoking indoors without bothering your housemates.