GameTendo™ - Over 400 Classic Games!

$39.99 $80

Play Old School Games In A New Way!

Take a trip to the past and play your favorite games again with the GameTendo™.

With over 400 classic games to choose from, enjoy hours of fun and revisit old memories from your childhood.

Relive your childhood

With over 400 popular old-school games packed into one convenient player, revisit the past with all the classic games you grew up playing!

Entertainment for everyone!

Share the special moments from your childhood with your children once again with the GameTendo.

Keep your kids entertained for hours with the classic games everyone knows and loves! 

Share the Fun!

Make the experience even more fun by playing against siblings or friends all with just 1 device! 

Easily hook the GameTendo and its remote up to your TV for hours of fun for everyone!

Does it need the internet to work?
Nope, it does not require the internet!

How does it work?
1. To turn on the TinyTendo simply use the ON/OFF switch at the top corner of the device.

2. From here you can use the up and down arrow to navigate between games.

3. There is a volume switch on the bottom corner of the device and you can also plug headphones directly into the top left of the console.

4. To plug the console into the TV simply plug the provided cable into the headphone port at the top of the device and the other end plugs directly into your TV.

Do I need to change the batteries?
No, the GameTendo comes with a super powerful rechargeable battery that you charge using the provided USB cable (Just the same way you charge your phone).

You can expect up to 7 hours of gameplay from a single charge!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dan J.
Old-school gamer/collector says BUY THIS!!!

Absolutely awesome. I collect these little handheld games, and this one is one of the best I’ve seen.

It has so many of the classic video games from the 80s. Pac-Man, dig Doug, Gallagher, space invaders, joust, super Mario, super Mario 3 and so many more.

Screen looks great. Load time is really fast. Rechargeable battery. Comes with all the cables you need… Even a second controller.

If you see a bad review, it’s probably just someone that unfortunately got a defective unit which happens. The one I received works absolutely perfectly… It was even fully charged out of the box.

Buy this little gem and enjoy it!

Robin L.
Awesome purchase

Honestly I’m at shock with how great this handheld is. It’s portable but it can also get hooked up to the tv I have a 75 inch tv and it has no problem or lag. It has a bunch of game that are both muitplayer and solo. Me and my gf had a ton of fun for the price. Great console worth the money.🙂

Jessica N.
Love it!

Love how it comes with a case! Love all the old school games

Sam H.
Super Mario Bros took me wayyy back!

For the price you really cant beat this! It has sooo many games to choose from. Some games I am familiar with and others I am not. Super Mario Bros and Tetris have been my favorite so far. The controller is easy to work and the games loaded up easily. I haven’t had any issues with any of the games. You can also plug this into your tv so you have a bigger screen. This is probably one of the coolest handheld games I’ve seen so far! At least for someone I’m who is in their 40’s. I would say these probably aren’t going to wow the younger generation because their style of games are way beyond these but if they are bored, they would play. I would definitely recommend this.

Shirley G.

I honestly just had a lot of fun playing games I haven’t seen for ages. There are a TON of games- I look forward to trying them all out. I was originally going to give it to one of my kids, but now I’m not so sure! I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised that something like this is so affordable. Might need to get a few of these.