Giant Goose Plushie

$19.99 $40
Soft, Downy Filling
This honkin' great guy is looking for someone to migrate home with for the winter! He's a soft, downy, friendly goose big enough to cuddle with anyone. He's made from ultra-soft material, plush anti-pill polyester fur fabric hand-stuffed with pillow-soft microfill. The perfect companion for watching movies or TV in bed, your goose friend is sure to add some personality to your room. He's even a welcome addition to date night - how many of your friends can you say that about? Give it as a gift to your loved ones and enjoy their reactions this year!
A Huggable Gift for your Loved Ones
Give your girlfriend or boyfriend, your kids, your husband or wife, grandma or grandpa the joy of a Giant Goose. Great for a birthday, or a big surprise on Christmas! Everyone needs a hug sometimes. Don't want to hug someone? Give them a huggable Giant Goose Plushie instead!
Vacuum-Packed Prior to Shipping
Since the Giant Goose Plushie is vacuum-packed, it needs to be removed from the vacuum bag upon receipt, and the toy will begin to expand immediately! However, since the cotton inside is compressed for a long time, it is impossible to return to the maximum volume in a short period of time. Give the goosey guy a good shake to make him fluffy, then leave him for a while, or put him aside. He will get fat like the big juicy goose he is.