Giant Goose Plushie

$19.99 $40
Soft, Downy Filling
This honkin' great guy is looking for someone to migrate home with for the winter! He's a soft, downy, friendly goose big enough to cuddle with anyone. He's made from ultra-soft material, plush anti-pill polyester fur fabric hand-stuffed with pillow-soft microfill. The perfect companion for watching movies or TV in bed, your goose friend is sure to add some personality to your room. He's even a welcome addition to date night - how many of your friends can you say that about? Give it as a gift to your loved ones and enjoy their reactions this year!
A Huggable Gift for your Loved Ones
Give your girlfriend or boyfriend, your kids, your husband or wife, grandma or grandpa the joy of a Giant Goose. Great for a birthday, or a big surprise on Christmas! Everyone needs a hug sometimes. Don't want to hug someone? Give them a huggable Giant Goose Plushie instead!
Vacuum-Packed Prior to Shipping
Since the Giant Goose Plushie is vacuum-packed, it needs to be removed from the vacuum bag upon receipt, and the toy will begin to expand immediately! However, since the cotton inside is compressed for a long time, it is impossible to return to the maximum volume in a short period of time. Give the goosey guy a good shake to make him fluffy, then leave him for a while, or put him aside. He will get fat like the big juicy goose he is.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Isabella P.
The cutest thing I’ve ever seen

I love this little goose and I want 15 more. The fabric/fur is so soft. He’s got the cutest silly little smile. Price was good for it for sure. I had to move some of the stuffing around to get him to sit upright but it took just a minute or two and then he was fine. Got him as a gift for my bf, who thinks he’s precious. My bf named his goose Honky Tonk Henry and he will be getting a small cowboy hat soon. I’m definitely buying more geese.

Connie B.
Top Gun Winner!

Did a Top Gun Golf cart theme for 4th of July parade and golfcart contest! "Talk to Me Goose" was a must! He helped us win a trophy! Super cute! Happy with the purchase!

Amy N.
Looks like our duck!

"George" goes a lot of places with us. He is a sweet little stuffed animal that looks similar to our Pekin. I bought this for my daughter's 4th bd as she wanted a stuffed animal to use in films with our real George. I'm not sure she ever got the chance because real George was attacked and killed by a raccoon. The stuffed animal became even more important and a sweet reminder of real George.

Nathan F.
Bestest boy

He is my new best friend, best purchase I've made in my 20 years of being alive

Selena D.
Buy it

It’s the cutest thing ever