MeleLinks™ Max Drive Tees

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The power of the pros.

MeleLinks golf tees deliver unparalleled performance. Built for accuracy and durability, they are the most advanced golf tees ever designed.

Diamond Design

Their innovative diamond design features a smaller frontal area, which allows for increased launch angles and reduces friction on impact. By optimizing the ball-to-tee contact area, you will have more control and distance off the tee.

Angled Launch Platform

Their angled launch platform reduces central friction and creates a ramp to increase ball height and flight trajectory, resulting in straighter and farther drives.

Smart Arrow

Their patented smart arrow allows you to aim your shot in the direction of maximum performance. Point the arrow in the direction you want the ball to go and let that sucker fly.

Finger Grips

The sleek design fits in between your fingers perfectly so you can easily tee the ball with one hand effortlessly.

Impact Resistant

They set out to make the most durable golf tee ever. Built from the highest grade of impact resistant polycarbonate, FlightPath golf tees can withstand hundreds of hits, they are virtually unbreakable.