PaintMaster™ - Portable Electric Paint Sprayer

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Spend Less Time Painting

Say goodbye to brushes and rollers. The PaintMaster™ offers a faster, cleaner, and more efficient way to paint. Its adjustable settings ensure you have the control needed to perfect any painting job, reducing waste and saving time.


  • Versatile 3-Spray Patterns: Choose from horizontal, vertical, or circular to match any project perfectly.
  • Adjustable Flow Control: Tailor your paint output for flawless finishes across edges, corners, and broad surfaces.
  • Portability Meets Power: The PaintMaster™ is designed for on-the-go efficiency, making it your best companion for all painting projects.
  • Superior Compatibility: Works with a range of paints and finishes, ensuring professional results every time.
  • Power Adapter Provided: Power Adapter provided for non-EU delivery based on location.

Say Goodbye to Drips, Overspray, and Pricey Paint Jobs!

"The PaintMaster is a lifesaver! No more mess, wasted paint, or paying through the nose for pros. Perfect, even coats every time and super easy cleanup. Love it!"

- Martin Stephens ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Future is 100% #PaintFast

Discover why people across various markets are thrilled with their PaintMaster™, making it a part of their daily routine. Join the diverse community of users and dive into the #PaintFast movement, no matter your project or skill level!

Your All-in-One Painting Solution

No more juggling tools for different paints. The PaintMaster™ plays nice with all kinds—from thick latex to smooth varnishes. Dive into any project head-first, knowing you’ve got the ultimate paint partner by your side.

Switch It Up: 3-Spray Patterns

With the PaintMaster™, you've got options. Horizontal, vertical, circular – you name it. Perfect for any job, it makes sure you’re covered whether you're dealing with tricky corners or wide-open walls. Less mess, more perfection, every single time.

Control is King: Adjustable Flow

Get the paint just right. With a simple twist, you control the flow – go from a light mist for those delicate areas to a full-on spray for bigger jobs. It's all about making your work look top-notch without the extra effort.

PaintMaster vs. Roller: The Painting Revolution

Transition from uneven roller applications to the precision of PaintMaster™. Achieve quick, uniform coverage, minimize mess, and simplify cleanup. Elevate your painting projects with professionalism and ease.

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