Portable Car Air Pump

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  • Product name: Multifunctional intelligent air pump
  • Product material: Alloy
  • Product specification: 17*7cm
  • Product weight: 700g/850g

Customer Reviews

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Rasmus G.

I'm am forever airing up tires at my house including three vehicles, zero-turn mower, moving dolly, wheel barrow, and inflatables. I have a compressor but with this product I no longer need to drag the compressor out of the shop then unwind and re-wind the air hose. The build quality seems to be heavy duty.

Paul N.
This thing rocks!

I've had an air pump for years that plugged into the car charger. It finally died mid pump. I got this one to replace it. I've used it a couple times now. It is soooo awesome to set your tire pressure and have it stop at that point automatically! With my old one I had to stop, unhook, check pressure, hook it up, again...you get the picture. Holds it's charge pretty well, but if you needed it and it wasn't charged you can hook it to car or electrical outlet.

Eddie A.
Compact, cordless and easy to use

I was impressed by how it was packaged. Everything was nice and snug in its packaging. I also liked it came in a case that keeps everything together. I only had one other portable air compressor to compare this to and this was cordless, quieter and a little faster than the previous one I had. It looks sleek and high tech with it's touch screen digital display. The flash light is strong enough to use when the power goes out. The charging capabilities was also helpful in last mentioned power outage. The one thing that would make this better is permanently attaching the rubber protectors to the unit. It protects the unit while not in use, and when in use from getting scratched up while it vibrates on the pavement. It's easily removable and can anticipate it disappearing at some point, most likely while you let someone borrow it.

Chris S.

Man, was this easy to use. I love that you can set your tire pressure and once it reaches that pressure you set, it shuts off on it’s own.

I’m buying one for each of our cars.

Tony H.
Works like a air compressor

Great small compact air pump. Easy to balance your air pressure in tires. Ease to blow up toys. Much more convenient than finding a near by station with air, and they usually charge for the air. I would by again