Premium Inflatable Travel Cushion

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Premium Inflatable Travel Cushion

The Premium Inflatable Travel Cushion is a compact and portable companion, providing an incredible sense of comfort and convenience while you travel.

With 4 distinct ways to relax or take a nap, immerse yourself in contentment during your travels, and feel rejuvenated upon reaching your destination.

Easy To Use

Instantly transform the way you travel around the world and experience full upper-body support with forwarding and side-face sleeping positions.

Natural Movement

Designed with an ergonomic 45¬į angle, this will allow your head and neck to lean forward naturally, supporting and maintaining optimal comfort levels.


The curved design conforms to the curve of your abdomen, allowing you to breathe comfortably while the cutouts on either side let you hold the Premium Inflatable Travel Cushion and rest your arms easily.

Fast Inflation & Deflation

With an inflating time of 15 seconds (approximately 6 - 8 breaths) and a deflation time of only 5 seconds, you'll be comfy in no time! 

Kid Friendly

The Premium Inflatable Travel Cushion is your ideal traveling companion and is safe for the whole family. They are embedded with environmentally flocked PVC, guaranteeing a relaxing and comfortable journey for yourself and your loved ones.

What's Included

  • Premium Inflatable Travel Cushion

  • Nylon Storage Bag