Premium Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Still worried about not being able to clean dirt from your glasses?

Using the technology of ultra-high frequency waves this cleaner generates thousands of air bubbles to use vibration to clean your products. 


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Both glasses and jewelry are easy to clean in this handy device!

This product is suitable for cleaning glasses, jewelry, teeth aligners, makeup brushes, and any other waterproof appliance.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner™ cleans at the touch of a button.


DEEP CLEANING: Thanks to ultrasonic technology, everything is thoroughly cleaned!

The Ultrasonic Cleaner™ ensures that everything is spotless within 3 minutes.


  • Product size: 7.32'' x 2.84'' x 2.67''
  • Tank size: 5.98'' x 2.13'' x 1.42''
  • Product color: White
  • Material: PP

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ted P.
Clean Like You Wouldn't Believe!

I really did not expect this unit to do much. In fact I was quite prepared to return it if it did not perform satisfactorily. However I put a couple of my wife's rings into it, I put my eyeglasses into it, I put a gold pendant and chain I have into it, and I took the stainless steel watchband from a very expensive watch and put that, in although I kept the watch itself out. The amount of "crap" that was visible in the water when I was done amazed me. See the picture. And each piece shined as though it were brand new. It's a small item, it's not expensive, but for a small gadget it does a huge job!! Very happy!

Corey A.
This thing is AWESOME

Use for jewelry, keychains, glasses, nail care products, etc. I got a standard cleaner with them and the gunk that comes out of the jewelry is insane. My earrings didn’t look this good when they were brand new. I find myself asking friends and family for jewelry to clean just because it’s satisfying to watch. Love!!!!!

Dennis Z.
Works great!

Works great! Jewelry sparkles when u are done. Shuts off when it is done.

Katie D.
So much fun to use!

Got one for myself and loved it so I got it for my mom and she loved it so much she got it for her sister. Easy to use and fun to watch the oils dissolve away.

Anthony J.
Absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!

My safety glasses and my glasses get pretty disgusting so hot this and took a water bottle filled it with a dab of dawn soap, shook it up filled the machine to the max level and this cleaned my glasses and safety glasses like no other. Highly recommend it to anyone with glasses.