QuickStyle Pro™ Cordless Hair Brush

$59.99 $120
Bundle & Save:

Tired of tangled cords and limited range? Go wireless!

🔄 Multifunctional Styling
🔋 Long-Lasting Battery
🌡️ Adjustable Heat Modes
🚀 Quick Heat-Up Time

The QuickStyle Pro Cordless Hair Brush offers the ultimate freedom to style your hair without the inconvenience of being tethered to an outlet. No more fighting with unyielding cords or searching for adapters on trips. Enjoy the flexibility to smooth, curl, and perfect your locks anytime, anywhere.

Achieve flawless hair with ease and safety 👌

With ceramic-coated bristles and negative ion technology, the QuickStyle Pro Cordless Hair Brush glides through hair, minimizing frizz and promoting shine. It heats up quickly and the temperature can be customized to cater to your hair's unique needs, ensuring a safe, salon-quality experience in the comfort of your own space.

The struggle with bulky tools and long waits is over! 💪

This sleek, portable hair straightener is compact enough to fit in your handbag, making it the perfect travel companion. With a fast charging time and generous battery life, you can get ready in minutes, ensuring you look polished and put-together, whether you're at the office or on the go.

Key Features

Mini Cordless Design, Grab and Go! 😍

  • Weighing only 234g.
  • Designed for ease of use and portability.
  • Cordless feature for ultimate freedom - use it anywhere without searching for an outlet or dealing with tangled cords.
  • Compact and lightweight design for styling on the go, ensuring you always look your best.

Long-Lasting Power 💯

  • One charge for 4-5 uses - thanks to the 5200mAh large-capacity, rechargeable battery.
  • A convenient USB Type-C cable is included for easy charging.
  • Enjoy up to 30 minutes of styling time with just one charge, perfect for multiple uses.

Less Friction, Less Damage 🥰

  • Exclusive T-GLOSS ceramic material coating on the brush's teeth for smoother gliding.
  • Reduces friction by 50%, preventing pulling or snagging and minimizing damage to your hair.
  • Achieve a smoother, polished look without compromising hair health.

Ionic Technology for Frizz-Free Results 😎

  • Releases 50 million negative ions during the straightening process.
  • Say goodbye to static and frizz in your hair.
  • Achieve a smooth, shiny, and frizz-free look without harsh chemicals or excessive heat.

Safety First 💁‍♀️

  • Heat-resistant black teeth to prevent burns to the skin.
  • Travel lock feature for added safety during storage, preventing accidental activation.
  • Suitable for all ages - a safe and effective styling tool for everyone.