RapidGlide™ - Hair Brush

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The Tear-Free Tangle Tamer

Glides through the hair like a knife through butter. No more tears. No more tantrums. Just happy hair.

👧  Detangle long, thick hair in minutes

🚿  Works on any hair type, wet or dry

⏰  Save time and tears

does this look familiar?

we're here to help 😇 

The morning tug of wars, the screams, the tears, the tantrums, like any mother, seeing my little girl in pain used to break my heart.

That's why we created the butter brush so you can put an end to brushing drama FOREVER, and strengthen your mother-daughter bond one brush stroke at a time.

say "hello 👋" to stree-free mornings

no more tears, no more tantrums 😁 

turn tears into smiles with 

pain-free brushing

Put an end to morning tug of wars. The butter brush combines boar bristles with nylon pins to remove knots, tame tangles, and massage the scalp.

tackle any hair type

(wet or dry)

Whether it's curly, wavy, straight, thick, thin, short, long, wet, or dry with the butter brush you'll be able to win the war on hair while protecting even the most sensitive of heads.

no more tantrums make 

brush time, fun time!

Ditch your old boring brush and make things fun. With 4 enticing colors to choose from don't be surprised if you find your kids wanting to brush their hair.

see the results

before & after transformations 🙃️️ 

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