Scrubmate Pro

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Say hello to the Scrubmate Pro! 

With interchangeable accessory brushes to give you the right tool  

to complete the job quickly and effortlessly.

The ScrubMate Pro is a multifunctional cleaning brush that has multiple brush heads to effectively clean your home. Our product transforms your space by getting into crevices and polishing surfaces like no others. 

Easy to Use

Our cleaning tool is fast and effective on many surfaces and is specially catered for people with limited mobility. The Scrubmate Pro is small and compact and easily fits in your hand to clean your space. It is also ideal for ladies with long nails who can’t scrub and clean effectively. Our rotating spin brush will do the job for you with the press of a button! 

Handheld Wonder

No more sore hands. The ergonomic, anti-slip handle provides you with a secure and comfortable grip while cleaning; plus, a cordless design guarantees no twisting and turning as you maneuver tight spaces and corners. 

Sturdy ABS plastic and nylon ensure this device can keep up with the grimiest of situations and cleaning jobs. This device also works safely on wet surfaces without any risk of damage. 

Long-lasting and Cordless 

The Scrubmate Pro is cordless which means you don’t need an electric PowerPoint close by. Our product also comes with additional hardware to assist with storing. It can be mountable in your garage, bathroom, and any other place. 

 Multiple Brush Heads

The Scrubmate Pro comes with 3 brush heads to attend to many surfaces of the modern-day home. Our brush has soft bristles that can clean the shower, kitchen plates, and utensils. 

The bristle brush head is soft and sticks it does not damage hard surfaces and is ideal for kitchen utensils and plates. In addition, the oscillating head will get every corner of food debris out. 

The sponge head is great for soaking up the product prior to cleaning the surface. It is also soft and does not scratch surfaces and is great for part of the thorough cleaning process for your shower, tiles, and more! 

..And when you finish scrubbing the fabric brush head is ideal for polishing off your surfaces such as mirrors and quick-dry of your surfaces to soak up liquid after cleaning. 

A Unique Gift 

Don't stress about the perfect present for your mum, partner or mate! This is a necessity in every household. A surprise they wouldn't know they needed but will appreciate it! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly P.

A cleaning must have

Thomas H.
I recommend

The scrubmate arrived fast well packed, and without any damage, I have used and is exactly like the description, the material is excellent, and the battery lasts. I recommend.

George O.
So beautiful.

So beautiful.

Justin C.

All according to the description, fast delivery.