TravelEase™ Footrest Hammock for Travel

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The cheapest way to elevate your economy experience! This inexpensive, lightweight little product is a great way to reduce pressure on your spine and allow better leg circulation during long lights.

Some flight attendants may take issue with it because it could be seen as an impediment to deplaning in an emergency. Still, if you slip it on the back of the tray table after you reach cruising altitude, you should be fine. It rests perfectly under the seat and allows fellow passengers to pass by. For the comfort it provides, I can't recommend this item highly enough.

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Long-distance trips for work, socializing, or pleasure are becoming more usual. It can be exhausting with back stiffness and leg numbness when traveling by car or plane with upright seating affecting blood flow for an extended period. Traveling in such a way is tiresome and painful and results in poor sleep, with lag that lasts for hours after the journey is complete.

Introducing TravelEase™, a foot-resting hammock that aids with leg posture and relaxation on long journeys. Find a comfortable position to rest the legs to relieve backache and leg swelling by improving blood circulation and enhancing personal hygiene. Put an end to long-distance syndrome and travel comfortably and painlessly!


 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: TravelEase™ has height-adjustable belts. Adjust the straps to achieve a comfortable leg stretch position adaptable to travel scenarios such as car, plane, and bus.

 PORTABLE: The entire kit that comes along with TravelEase™ is portable. It is smoothly stored in a backpack, extended, used only when needed, and tucked away for storage and transport.

 HYGIENE SEAT COVERS: The TravelEase™ stretches the entire length of the seat. Personal hygiene is improved because there is no direct contact with the chairs.

 ACCESSORIES: The complete TravelEase™ kit includes an eye mask, ear plugs, an air footrest, and a back cushion. All of this contributes to a comfortable rest during a long journey.

 APPLICATIONS: TravelEase™ design is adaptable to a variety of travel scenarios. Helpful when the straps can attach to the present and front seating, such as in a flight, car, or bus.


We understand how exhausting it is to be on a long journey with little space to walk or stretch. The leg movements required throughout the journey are severely limited due to a lack of space, resulting in poor blood circulation in the legs. According to the CDC, traveling more than four hours, whether by air, car, bus, or train, is a blood clot risk.

TravelEase™ is the ideal companion for a long journey since it cushions the back and the feet. It provides lumbar support with a cushion and comforts the feet with an air pillow, allowing for proper rest and a comfortable night's sleep. Enhance the seating experience on the long-haul journey while reducing leg and back swelling!


1 x TravelEase™
1 x Footrest with airflow
1 x Back cushion
2 x Shoe covers
1 x Eye mask with earplugs


At The Omnicks, we are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. We stand behind the TravelEase and offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that may arise during normal use of the TravelEase. If you experience any issues with the TravelEase during the warranty period, please contact us for assistance.